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Have You Visited our YouTube Channel?

Our YouTube channel contains several short videos explaining some of the features of Primavera P6 such as creating portfolios, lookahead filters and baselines. These videos were recorded using the same GoToMeeting software that we use in our live online training programs. However, we do not use any videos in our online training. These classes are always live! The YouTube videos are intended to provide snippets of our training programs only.

Here is the link to our YouTube channel:

Nevertheless, we are exploring the option of offering our 4-hour Primavera P6 Quick Start training program in a video format. This would be a series of roughly 15 video lessons that would cover the same subject matter as our live Quick Start P6 program, with the option to call us with any questions up to 30 days later.

My feeling is that our Primavera P6 Quick Start program is an introduction to P6 that would translate well to video lessons. And by making it available on video, clients could access the lessons online whenever they want. I really enjoy teaching the online classes because it is a great opportunity to meet people. Still, the videos would be very convenient.

We are exploring a couple of pricing models for the Primavera P6 Quick Start video program:

  • $200 for access to the online videos, but no live follow-up support
  • $300 for access to the online videos, with 30 days of live support

Our live Primavera P6 Quick Start program is $300, by the way. There will most likely be a limit to accessing the videos online to ensure than the videos are not being watched by people who did not purchase the program. For example, we might have a “time bank” whereby each lesson can only be viewed twice.

So, what do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Discounted Training for March 2013

To celebrate completion of our new website ( we are offering a 10% discount on any of our online or in-person P6 training programs. Just enter the discount code “MAR13” during checkout. Training must be booked no later than March 31, 2013 to get this discount. Hope to see you soon!


Construction Science, LLC has established a new website ( to handle registration for all of our in-person and online Primavera P6 training programs. Our corporate website ( will begin directing visitors to the new website for registration starting on March 15, 2013. In the meantime, visitors can continue to register for P6 classes on both websites. We will continue to utilize the corporate website for other services that we provide such as Primavera scheduling, change order and claims preparation, and dispute resolution.

We welcome your feedback regarding our new website. Please use the Contact Us page to submit feedback. Thank you!

Bill Pepoon