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P6 EPPM Training Available Online and In-Person Anywhere

Earlier this year we rolled out our popular P6 101 (8-hour) and P6 102 (16-hour) training programs for P6 EPPM. We waited to offer this training until we had a chance to develop our own training materials. Our training programs are designed to mimic the steps necessary to create a schedule, run production, update and monitor progress, in that order. More importantly, we teach P6 EPPM from the perspective of professional schedulers who have been using Primavera software for 25 years. Some features in P6 EPPM are not appropriate for every industry. And there are situations where switching to P6 Optional Client makes more sense than trying to muddle by with P6 Web. Both of these components are included with P6 EPPM.

For example, you cannot automatically renumber Activity IDs in P6 Web while this can be accomplished quite easily in P6 Optional Client. So in the P6 EPPM environment an employee using P6 Web might need to request that another employee using P6 Optional Client perform this task instead. Conversely, the P6 Optional Client user would need to request that the P6 Web user change the Earned Value settings, one of many administrative settings that are only accessible via P6 Web.

Our P6 EPPM training programs are intended to teach the P6 Web component since P6 Optional Client is virtually identical to P6 Professional. However, we can teach both P6 Optional Client and P6 Web back to back in order to fulfill all of our clients’ training needs. We did this recently for a major Department of Defense contractor in Kansas City. The first two days were devoted to using P6 Optional Client and the next two days focused on P6 Web.

Already our P6 EPPM training has been in high demand. We recently completed a 6-week assignment for the State of California, developing training materials and training the in-house trainers. Ironically, we beat out Oracle itself for this assignment! Next week we begin training a major highway contractor in Texas. We provide P6 EPPM training online every month for individuals and groups. In-person P6 EPPM training is available anywhere in the world for small groups. Well, we only provide this training in English but otherwise no restrictions!

Below is an introduction to P6 EPPM that we recently posted on YouTube:

This video explains how to set up a new project in P6 EPPM. In the next few weeks we will be posting more videos explaining various features of P6 EPPM. Please contact us if you have any questions.


We are now an Oracle Gold Partner

Oracle Gold PartnerWe are pleased to announce that Primavera Scheduling’s parent company, Construction Science, is now an Oracle Gold Partner. To celebrate our upgraded partnership with Oracle we are now offering Primavera P6 software for $300 off the list price and 10% off all live online and in-person classroom Primavera P6 training programs with the purchase of software. But wait, there’s more! We are also offering volume discounts for the purchase of more than three Primavera P6 licenses. Please contact Bill Pepoon for details on these additional discounts.

P6 Training in 4 Countries in 4 Days

WorldThis week Primavera Scheduling trained clients in four countries in four days. We started with clients in the United States, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, and finally, Abu Dhabi. These were all live online Primavera P6 training sessions. We try very hard to accommodate clients anywhere in the world. More importantly, we are probably the only Primavera training firm that provides live training on demand. Need online P6 training right away? Call us! We do not make you wait a month or more for a class to be scheduled. If you do not see a class on our calendars that meets your needs please call us and we will make every effort to meet your schedule.

We will also throw down this challenge: call any other Primavera training firm on a weekend and see if they answer the phone! Not only do we answer the phone, we train on weekends.

While we are currently developing a video P6 training series we will always offer live online training as another option. Being able to ask the instructor questions or spend more time on one subject or another are clear advantages over videos. Of course, we have many in-person sessions as well. Please call us for more details – any day of the week!

Hitting the Cycle in Primavera P6 Training

I have been on vacation the past week but there is no so thing as a true vacation when you own your own business. I delivered two online P6 training sessions while “on vacation” and worked on a construction claim as well. I like to stay busy. Best of all, our firm managed to “hit the cycle” in P6 training reservations. By that I mean we booked clients for our 4-hour, 8-hour, 16-hour and 24-hour P6 training programs. And this does not include private P6 training sessions we will be delivering in Tulsa, OK and Rogers, AR.

One person called us for P6 training because another training firm had cancelled their class in San Francisco at the last minute. He was flying in from Seattle so obviously that was not a good situation. While we could not offer training on the same dates we managed to schedule him for our 3-day class at the end of this month. This is actually not too unusual for us. A new client comes to us because someone else could not deliver the training they needed.

Every month we schedule quite a few P6 classes online and in-person in our offices near Sacramento. Part of our philosophy is that you create demand for something by making it readily available. In an era when someone can buy a product online today and have it delivered tomorrow, the time frame for satisfaction has been shortened dramatically. 

Okay then. When you absolutely positively need Primavera P6 training right away, call us!