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We are Moving (But Keeping the Golf Course)

Starting February 1st our two companies (Primavera Scheduling and Construction Science) will be moving to a new suite in the Rocklin Professional Building. We have been adding more and more Primavera training classes and Suite No. 319 will give us two dedicated training rooms. The street address and phone number are the same as before:


5701 Lonetree Boulevard
Rocklin, CA 95765
(916) 779-4145


[flexiblemap width=”500″ height=”400″ draggable=”true” title=”Rocklin Professional Building” address=”5701 Lonetree Boulevard, Rocklin, CA 95765″ directions=”true” showdirections=”true”]


Leaving the Rocklin Professional Building was not an option. We love this facility! A private 9-hole golf course in the courtyard is something that our clients will never forget, although we are pretty sure they will retain a lot of Primavera knowledge as well. This professionally-designed and landscaped putting course is a great way to relax during a training break. Leave your clubs at home; we provide the putters and balls!

And if our very intensive and personalized Primavera training programs are not enough incentive for you, we have a standing offer of $50 to any student who makes a hole in one. Trust me – those greens are fast! Below are some pictures:

Rocklin Offices_Lobby_02Rocklin Offices_Courtyard_04

Rocklin Offices_Exterior_03Rocklin Offices_Courtyard_02 Rocklin Offices_Courtyard_05Rocklin Offices_Courtyard_01

Using a Filter to Find Missing Logic

One of our training clients recently asked us to create a rather unusual filter showing “open ends”, or activities that are missing predecessors and/or successors. While this information can be gleamed from the Schedule Log (Tools > Schedule) this report does not graphically represent these activities. A filter will of course allow us to show these activities on the Gantt Chart, so that we know when and where these activities occur in the schedule.

In the screen capture below I have created a simple filter to display activities with open ends. Notice that I have two lines in my filter and that I have selected “(Any of the following)” when combing the two specified parameters. The first row asks P6 to list activities where the predecessor value is blank. You might know that we can display predecessors as a column in the Activity Table, and if there are no predecessors for an activity then this cell would be empty.

In the second row I have added the same statement for the successor value. The only thing left to do is make sure P6 understands that I want activities that are missing predecessors or successors. In other words, if the first row or the second row statement is true, give me those results. To do this, I selected “(Any of the following)” filter parameters:


Filter for Open Ends







As you can see, setting up the filter is pretty simple. Leaving the value blank does not work in many situations, but for predecessors and successors this approach is fine.





Websites Down on New Year’s Eve

This is not how we wanted to ring in the New Year, but yesterday our websites ( and were down for several hours due to some sort of event at our hosting provider. We don’t know if this was a cyber attack, but it affected thousands of websites. My personal belief, and I am certainly not an IT expert, is that it had something to do with Miley Cyrus. She has never really liked us since we criticized her incorrect usage of “Total Float”. Miley thought it was a Brooklyn line dance.

In any case, if you were trying to purchase Primavera software or book training yesterday we do apologize. This problem was not of our making but we are nevertheless offering a $50 rebate on any software or training purchase starting today through January 8, 2014. You don’t have to do anything to receive the rebate; it will be refunded automatically via PayPal to whatever credit card you used for payment. Unless of course your name is Miley Cyrus.